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Type: Widget com.appcelerator.globalTimer com.appcelerator.globalTimer 40%

The Field Service app

Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.button nl.fokkezb.button 40%

Replacement for Ti.UI.Button with better support for styling and icons

Type: Module CouchbaseLiteTitanium com.couchbase.cbl 40%

Couchbase Lite

Type: Module Mapbox com.polancomedia.mapbox 40%

64-bit iOS support Wrapper for Mapbox iOS SDK

Type: Module tistorekit jp.masuidrive.ti.storekit 40%

StoreKit(In App Purchase) module for Titanium Mobile iPhone

Type: Module bluetoothmodule com.smontgomerie.bluetooth 40%

A module for appcelerator that allows two iOS devices to communicate bidirectionally over bluetooth.

Type: Module utterance bencoding.utterance 40%

64-bit iOS support Titanium module for Apple's native Speech Synthesizer

Type: Module SquareCamera com.mfogg.squarecamera 40%

64-bit iOS support SquareCamera - Titanium Module using AVFoundation for the camera. Kosso - Now with optional 2d code detection.

Type: Module keychain com.obscure.keychain 40%

64-bit iOS support Keychain access module for iPhone

Type: Module tipapaerfold jp.msmc.tipaperfold 40%

PaperFold for iOS module