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Type: Widget ti.pedro.forms ti.pedro.forms 40%

Alloy Widgets

Type: Widget ti.pedro.lockscreen ti.pedro.lockscreen 40%

Alloy Widgets

Type: Widget list list 40%

Pusteblume - Diaspora android app

Type: Widget com.alco.highcharts com.alco.highcharts 40%

Alloy Widget to add pretty charts to your mobile apps using HighCharts.js. This is a WIP. If you like it and use it, please send Pull Requests.

Type: Widget com.orthlieb.navigationgroup com.orthlieb.navigationgroup 40%

Alloy Navigation Group widget

Type: Widget be.k0suke.fontawesome be.k0suke.fontawesome 40%

tiTokyo conference application was created using Titanium Mobile and Alloy MVC framework, ACS (data storage).

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.components com.appcelerator.components 40%

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.components.login com.appcelerator.components.login 40%

Type: Widget com.capnajax.vectorimage com.capnajax.vectorimage 40%

Sample framework that provides navigation in both iOS and Android with a common drawer that slides in from the left.

Type: Widget nl.harriepieters.toast nl.harriepieters.toast 40%

Toast messages for iOS