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Type: Module ti.xhr ti.xhr 40%

Super awesome HTTP Client for Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Module reste reste 40%

Titaniumified A JavaScript REST / API helper for Titanium with Alloy Models/Collections support

Type: Module latestvalid ti.latestvalid 40%

This is an ambiguous module that will conflict with a native module

Type: Module ti-html2as nl.fokkezb.html2as 40%

Titaniumified HTML to Attributed String parser for Titanium

Type: Module nano nano 40%

Titaniumified A two-way databinding library for Appcelerator's Titanium Alloy framework

Type: Module ti-push-notification ti-push-notification 40%

Titaniumified Generic push notifications for both iOS and Android into Titanium apps

Type: Module com.alcoapps.arrowdbpushmod com.alcoapps.arrowdbpushmod 40%

ArrowDB Push Notifications Module

Type: Module com.alcoapps.acspushmod com.alcoapps.acspushmod 40%

ACS Push Notifications Module

Type: Module ti.mapcluster ti.mapcluster 40%

Appcelerator Cloud Services

Type: Module titaniumManifest.ti.states titaniumManifest.ti.states 40%

Titaniumified UI state manager for Appcelerator Titanium