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Type: Widget Audio Player net.devloops.audioPlayer 100%

Complete Audio Player widget for both iOS and Android developed by

Type: Widget player player 79%

Type: Widget dk.napp.audioplayer dk.napp.audioplayer 78%

Audio Player Widget

Type: Module youtubeplayer titutorial.ytplayer 77%

Youtube player module for Titanium Android applications

Type: Module musicplayer com.activate.musicplayer 73%

Custom module music player for android, which work similar with Ti.Media.MusicPlayer(iOS)

Type: Widget com.peyfuss.regina.mp3Player com.peyfuss.regina.mp3Player 73%

This is the MP3Player with a widget for the player controls with Appcelerator

Type: Widget ytPlayer ytPlayer 72%

Cross-platform YouTube streaming video player using Ti.Media.VideoPlayer

Type: Widget Ti.MusicPlayer com.caffeinalab.titanium.musicplayer 61%

Simple widget with music controls

Type: Module youtubeplayer titutorial.youtubeplayer 40%

Android module that plays videos from YouTube

Type: Widget com.alcoapps.musicplayer com.alcoapps.musicplayer 40%

This repository contains all the source code for the book Build Native Cross-Platform Apps with Appcelerator. For more information about the book, visit