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Type: Widget Infinite Scroll for TableView and ListView nl.fokkezb.infiniteScroll 100%

Scroll down to the end of the TableView or ListView to load more.

Type: Widget 84%

Type: Module CETandemScrollView co.coolelephant.tandemscroll 83%

Allows you to lock Scroll/Scrollable Views together

Type: Module tandemscroll ti.tandemscroll 83%

Allows you to lock several ScrollViews together so that they will proportionately scroll.

Type: Module androidscroll dk.napp.androidscroll 82%

This implementation enables Android to scroll a view in vertically and horizontally, (2D).

Type: Widget ScrollableView Widget au.jkotchoff.scrollableView 63%

An Alloy Scrollable View that shows an iOS style paging control for android

Type: Widget 57%

Scroll down to the end of the TableView to load more.

Type: Widget ti.ux.expandabletext ti.ux.expandabletext 44%

an expandable text with scroll

Type: Module TiCustomWebView ti.customwebview 41%

customize Ti.UI.WebView to fire scroll/swipe/click event (fork Ti.StyledLabel)

Type: Widget ti.ux.forms.scrollableform ti.ux.forms.scrollableform 40%

an full scrollable form built from json data, supporting several kinds of fields