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Type: Widget com.orthlieb.scrollablewebview com.orthlieb.scrollablewebview 100%

Alloy Scrollable Web View widget

Type: Widget ScrollableView Widget au.jkotchoff.scrollableView 95%

An Alloy Scrollable View that shows an iOS style paging control for android

Type: Widget Scrollable Views in.prashant.scrollableViews 94%

A cross platform Alloy scrollable widget with nice background effect and paging controls

Type: Widget de.blitz.infiniteImageScrollableview de.blitz.infiniteImageScrollableview 87%

Lazy loading infinite scrollable view

Type: Widget Empty DataSet de.kbueschel.emptydataset 50%

An Alloy widget providing an empty data set view

Type: Widget ti.ux.scrollableview ti.ux.scrollableview 40%

an extended scrollableview with customizable paging control

Type: Widget com.hoyoji.titanium.widget.ScrollableViewTabBar com.hoyoji.titanium.widget.ScrollableViewTabBar 40%

tab bar for scrollableview

Type: Module VerticalScrollableView com.limily.verticalscrollableview 40%

Type: Widget scrollableViewCustom scrollableViewCustom 40%

A star-rating widget

Type: Module TiMMAppSwitcher de.marcelpociot.mmappswitcher 38%

Replace iOS7 app switcher view with your own customized card view.