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Type: Module TiMMAppSwitcher de.marcelpociot.mmappswitcher 37%

Replace iOS7 app switcher view with your own customized card view.

Type: Module Ti.360°View de.appwerft.view360 37%

Titaniumified 360° View for product images (taken from round table)

Type: Widget ti.ux.pagingcontrol ti.ux.pagingcontrol 36%

a customizable paging control for scrollable views

Type: Module CETandemScrollView co.coolelephant.tandemscroll 36%

Allows you to lock Scroll/Scrollable Views together

Type: Widget com.javiersr.jsrgallery com.javiersr.jsrgallery 35%

A widget for showing an external scrollable images gallery

Type: Widget ti.ux.forms.scrollableform ti.ux.forms.scrollableform 34%

an full scrollable form built from json data, supporting several kinds of fields

Type: Widget Permission View de.kbueschel.permissionview 34%

An Alloy widget representing a view asking for / describing why to ask for permission

Type: Widget To.BounceView To.BounceView 33%

A view that bounces on resize

Type: Widget com.javiersr.category-bar com.javiersr.category-bar 33%

An scrollable bar for creating a categories or menu views

Type: Widget Selectable Tag View de.kbueschel.selectabletagview 33%

An Alloy widget representing an selectable/unselectable tag view.