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Type: Module tifog ti.fog 24%

An iOS module for titanium to fast blur a view or window.

Type: Module document com.sencloud.document 24%

Titanium module, View Attachments which download from web using 3rd party Apps.

Type: Module android_zero_table_view_separator com.exygy.androidzerotableviewseparator 24%

Titanium plugin for Android, remove table view row separator

Type: Widget com.boxoutthinkers.animatedgif com.boxoutthinkers.animatedgif 24%

Animated GIF view widget for Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Widget SlideCards SlideCards 24%

It's a Titanium widget which displays list of cards along with collapsible parent and child view.

Type: Module androidpdf com.ishan.androidpdf 24%

Module to view pdf inside app in android without using intents to open external application

Type: Widget TiAndroidShadow com.karaoak.shadow 24%

Cross platform Titanium view shadow Alloy widget

Type: Module androiduitools org.camcops.androiduitools 24%

Android user interface tools, e.g. ability to call setSystemUiVisibility(View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LOW_PROFILE).

Type: Module demo2 titutorial.demo2 24%

Sample Andoid module about converting native control into Titanium view

Type: Widget be.k0suke.glyphicon be.k0suke.glyphicon 23%

Dynamic Navigation Window (Alloy is a model-view-controller framework) for iOS/Android apps.