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Type: Module Barcode com.mfogg.barcode 22%

An Appcelerator Titanium Module that allows you to create a barcode scanner view

Type: Widget info.liquanium.Image info.liquanium.Image 22%

A cacheing remote/local image view

Type: Widget be.k0suke.glyphicon be.k0suke.glyphicon 22%

Dynamic Navigation Window (Alloy is a model-view-controller framework) for iOS/Android apps.

Type: Module androidtouchsound com.gstreetmedia.androidtouchsound 22%

A simple way to turn off (or on) that annoying touch sound that is on EVERY SINGLE VIEW in a Titanium Mobile Android Project.

Type: Module tiviewshadow ti.viewshadow 21%

TiViewShadow module. Allows adding drop shadow to any Ti.UI.View

Type: Widget Showcase View com.bduyng.TiShowcaseView 21%

Introduce the best features of your app to users by an awesome way

Type: Module pinch 21%

A simple view for Android that can intercept pinch events.

Type: Widget kbueschel CachedImageView de.kbueschel.cachedimageview 21%

An Alloy widget for an cached image view

Type: Widget display display 21%

A composite view with 3 labels, used to display a value

Type: Widget 21%

A circle image or text view for Alloy