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Type: Module pinch 22%

A simple view for Android that can intercept pinch events.

Type: Widget kbueschel CachedImageView de.kbueschel.cachedimageview 22%

An Alloy widget for an cached image view

Type: Widget info.liquanium.Image info.liquanium.Image 22%

A cacheing remote/local image view

Type: Widget 22%

A circle image or text view for Alloy

Type: Module TableViewRowExtension net.cappelleri.tableviewrowextension 22%

Add some method to table view cell that are useful for parallax effect (check if row is visible and distance from top of the table)

Type: Module paint ti.paint 22%

Provides a paint surface user interface view.

Type: Widget com.baboonmedia.remoteimage com.baboonmedia.remoteimage 21%

Provides a view that supports remote image loading with full image caching.

Type: Module CEStripeIOS co.coolelephant.stripe 21%

A view that allows you to grab the single use token for Stripe payments. This token then needs to be passed to your server side. Wraps the Stripe iOS SDK.

Type: Widget display display 21%

A composite view with 3 labels, used to display a value

Type: Module nano-bindon nano-bindon 21%

Titaniumified A plugin for nano to change the view binding event