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Type: Widget Ti.Searchbar com.caffeina.titanium.searchbar 99%

Titanium Widget to display a search bar.

Type: Widget bookSearchView com.appcelerator.bookSearchView 99%

Google API Book search with toolbar and table representation

Type: Widget searchForBooks com.appcelerator.searchForBooks 98%

Google API Book search

Type: Module mybluetooth com.bluetooth.xp 47%

Test module that uses android bluetooth and search discoverable devices.

Type: Widget listPopup listPopup 44%

Popup list widget with search for Appcelerator Alloy and Titanium. Requires libraries available at:

Type: Module ticalendar com.ti.calendar 43%

Calendar/Event Widget. Ui component as well as event creation, search, destroy

Type: Widget randomTiles randomTiles 41%

randomTiles is animated tiles with search filter.

Type: Module nappsearchbar dk.napp.searchbar 40%

Extending the SearchBar UI component.

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.robot.devicesearch com.appcelerator.robot.devicesearch 40%

???? Use Appcelerator Hyperloop to program for the Sphero iOS-SDK.

Type: Module ListSearchItems org.farwayer.ti.listsearchitems 40%