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Type: Module soupselect soupselect 40%

Titaniumified Adds CSS selector support to htmlparser for scraping activities - port of soupselect (python)

Type: Widget com.juanagu.takepicture com.juanagu.takepicture 39%

Appcelerator widget, take photo or select to gallery, generate a thumbnail and original image, work for iOS and Android

Type: Widget slideFilters slideFilters 36%

appcelerator widget - slideFilters is easily configurable filters with multi and sinlge select options

Type: Widget com.mp5systems.salesforce com.mp5systems.salesforce 6% Integration

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.bottomsheet com.imobicloud.bottomsheet 6%

Titanium UI - Bottom sheets View Styles ".bottomsheet": { DEBUG: false } ".bottomsheet[if=Alloy.Globals.UI.IsIPhoneX]": { paddingBottom: 22 } Controller ${ actions: [ { icon: '/images/step/add/copy.png', title: L('steptypecopy'), divider: false }, { icon: '/images/step/add/cut.p