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Type: Module ti-module-share ti.module.share 99%

Open IOS native share activity window for titanium

Type: Module timodule-share 99%

Open IOS native share activity window for titanium

Type: Widget share share 98%

For share content in facebook and twitter

Type: Widget com.emilioicai.socialShare com.emilioicai.socialShare 84%

This widget is a standalone sharing buttons bar for the most popular social networks and messaging apps. It allows users to share a predefined string.

Type: Widget Social Share com.alcoapps.socialshare 74%

A Widget for easy, cross-platform sharing of text and images from your Appcelerator apps. Created for the book Titanium Alloy in Action -

Type: Widget Ti.Sharer com.caffeinalab.titanium.sharer 73%

Sharing widget heavy inspired to AirBNB, with default drivers and the ability to add custom drivers to share.

Type: Module Growth com.streethawk.shgrowth 60%

StreetHawk Growth Module lets your user share your application with friends. Also the feature can be extended to invite the new user to a deeplinked page inside your application. Create a Share button inside your application and call originateShareWithSourceSelection to generate the share url. StreetHawk SDK will then ask user ways to share the generated url. That is (email, post on Facebook etc). Below are the APIs which generates sharable URL. A scheme for deeplinking is required for StreetHawk growth.

Type: Module TestShareSDK com.test.testsharesdk 40%


Type: Module TestShareSDK com.baidao.testsharesdk 40%

A demo of titanium-module to use ShareSDK for iphone

Type: Module sharemail com.vcord.sharemail 40%

An Appcelerator Titanium module that creates an UIActivityViewController to choose which application will send an email with an attachment