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Type: Module TiSideMenu de.marcelpociot.sidemenu 88%

iOS 7 / 8 style side menu with parallax effect. (Wrapper module for RESideMenu)

Type: Widget TiSideMenu Widget de.marcelpociot.alloysidemenu 65%

An Alloy widget wrapping the TiSidemenu of Marcel Pociot.

Type: Widget com.jpntex.navdrawer com.jpntex.navdrawer 60%

A simple navigation sliding side menu.

Type: Widget Drawer Widget nl.fokkezb.drawer 54%

An Alloy widget wrapping the NappDrawer and DrawerLayout module for Facebook-like sliding side menus.

Type: Widget iOS Animated Hamburger Icon Button de.kbueschel.hamburgerbutton 51%

An Alloy widget displaying an animated hamburger button for off-canvas/sliding side menus.

Type: Module src com.dackmin.ajax 49%

A module to create ajax request like in jQuery on client side.

Type: Module CEStripeIOS co.coolelephant.stripe 42%

A view that allows you to grab the single use token for Stripe payments. This token then needs to be passed to your server side. Wraps the Stripe iOS SDK.

Type: Widget com.mdpauley.frostedsidebar com.mdpauley.frostedsidebar 40%

Type: Widget sideMenu sideMenu 40%

Simple kitchen helper app for time controll