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Type: Widget SlideCards SlideCards 40%

It's a Titanium widget which displays list of cards along with collapsible parent and child view.

Type: Widget Drawer Menu com.appcelerator.sidemenu 40%

Implements a slide-in, Facebook-style menu.

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.xslide com.appcelerator.xslide 40%

Dynamic cross platform slider menu with additional info pull down

Type: Widget com.netsmart.slider com.netsmart.slider 40%

Control your home automation system. ISY, INSTEON, etc.


Type: Widget ip.slideMenu ip.slideMenu 40%

Facebook app-like sliding menu

Type: Widget com.morpheus.sliderMenu com.morpheus.sliderMenu 40%

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.slide_menu com.imobicloud.slide_menu 40%

Type: Widget com.reymundolopez.tislidermenu com.reymundolopez.tislidermenu 40%

A simple example of a Slider Menu and Navigation using Titanium and Alloy

Type: Widget ds.slideMenu ds.slideMenu 40%

Facebook app-like sliding menu