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Type: Module titanium-firebase-database firebase.database 40%


Type: Module TableViewRowExtension net.cappelleri.tableviewrowextension 40%

Add some method to table view cell that are useful for parallax effect (check if row is visible and distance from top of the table)

Type: Module tichrometabs ti.chrometabs 40%

Android Chrome-Custom-Tabs in Titanium

Type: Widget table table 40%

Type: Widget tableview tableview 40%

Type: Widget tablewidget tablewidget 40%

Type: Widget com.clinsoftsolutions.tabs com.clinsoftsolutions.tabs 40%

A tab group and window stack

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.tabbedbar com.imobicloud.tabbedbar 40%

Type: Module foodonthetable_odin com.foodonthetable.odin 40%

ODIN Support for iPhone with Titanium

Type: Widget me.wslong.tiTabGroupCrossPlatform me.wslong.tiTabGroupCrossPlatform 40%

A custom tab group based on com.mcongrove.tabs for ios, android and mobileweb