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Type: Widget 40%

Type: Module TiParallaxTableViewHeader com.logicdesign.TiParallaxTableViewHeader 40%

Parallax HeaderView for the Titanium TableView

Type: Module TiAdvancedDatabase ti.advanceddatabase 40%

Simple module with implemented rs.fetchAllAsJSON() method for result set and DISTANCE function for SQL statements

Type: Widget Data Table alloy.datatable 40%

Just a widget that shows a bunch of table rows based on a collection

Type: Widget 40%

Type: Module mytableview com.example.MyTableView 40%

Custom Table View module for Android

Type: Module android_zero_table_view_separator com.exygy.androidzerotableviewseparator 40%

Titanium plugin for Android, remove table view row separator

Type: Widget com.jasonkneen.tabfonts com.jasonkneen.tabfonts 40%

Custom Fonts for Tabs

Type: Module tichrometabs ti.chrometabs 40%

Android Chrome-Custom-Tabs in Titanium

Type: Widget table table 40%