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Type: Widget TableView Form nl.fokkezb.form 97%

Using a TableView as a form

Type: Widget Infinite Scroll for TableView and ListView nl.fokkezb.infiniteScroll 93%

Scroll down to the end of the TableView or ListView to load more.

Type: Widget com.raulriera.swipeTableView com.raulriera.swipeTableView 89%

Swipe TableView similar to the one used in Clear or Mailbox

Type: Widget tableview tableview 86%

Type: Module katana.tableview katana.tableview 85%

Type: Module TiParallaxTableViewHeader com.logicdesign.TiParallaxTableViewHeader 84%

Parallax HeaderView for the Titanium TableView

Type: Widget Loading TableViewRow com.raulriera.loadingTableViewRow 79%

Simple loading tableview row to drop inside your tables

Type: Widget com.jolicode.pullToRefresh com.jolicode.pullToRefresh 52%

Allows you to refresh the page with a pull down when using a ListView or a TableView. Available for iOS and Android, without any dependencie.

Type: Module noSeparator de.hpm.noseparator 44%

Remove the TableView-Separator on Android

Type: Module TiISRefreshControl be.k0suke.tiisrefreshcontrol 43%

Wrapping ISRefreshControl for Ti.UI.TableView and Ti.UI.ListView on Titanium Mobile.