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Type: Widget 99%

Titanium widget (Android & iOS)

Type: Widget com.clinsoftsolutions.tabs com.clinsoftsolutions.tabs 98%

A tab group and window stack

Type: Widget 87%

Type: Module tabs com.navid.tabs 86%

Android ViewPager Module

Type: Widget com.chariti.tabs com.chariti.tabs 85%

A custom tab group.

Type: Widget com.mcongrove.tabs com.mcongrove.tabs 85%

A custom tab group.

Type: Module tichrometabs ti.chrometabs 85%

Android Chrome-Custom-Tabs in Titanium

Type: Widget edu.uwm.tabs edu.uwm.tabs 85%

Custom tab groups for Alloy

Type: Widget com.moghazy.slideTabs com.moghazy.slideTabs 85%

Slide tabs

Type: Widget tabs tabs 82%

This is a library for Titanium Alloy. The CB is mean CodeBlog, this is my website( and it's base on commonJS structure.