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Type: Widget net.beyondlink.toast net.beyondlink.toast 100%

Android like toast message.

Type: Widget nl.harriepieters.toast nl.harriepieters.toast 93%

Toast messages for iOS

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Widget nl.fokkezb.toast 91%

Another Alloy widget for cross-platform Android toast-like notifications.

Type: Widget com.mcongrove.toast com.mcongrove.toast 91%

A toast notification.

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Notification 88%

Simple toast notification poping from the bottom of the screen on demand.

Type: Widget com.chariti.toast com.chariti.toast 79%

A toast notification.

Type: Widget 77%

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.toast com.imobicloud.toast 77%

Type: Widget Select Widget using ListView 5%

A Ti.UI.ListView wrapper with mighty powers for forms.