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Type: Widget com.jasonkneen.dynamicTSS com.jasonkneen.dynamicTSS 100%

Dynamic TSS support on landscape / portrait switching

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.scrollable com.imobicloud.scrollable 32%

ScrollableView ScrollableView wrapper for iOS and Android xml app.tss ".photos-scrollable": { height: 336.5 } // ".photos-scroller": {} ".photos-scroller[platform=ios]": { showPagingControl: true, pagingControlColor: 'transparent', pagingControlHeight: 103, overlayEnabled: true } ".photo": { width: 375, height: 336.5 } ".photos-paging[platform=android]": { height: 103, bottom: 0, touchEn

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Notification 12%

Simple toast notification poping from the bottom of the screen on demand.

Type: Widget 10%

Fully-customizable text field chat windows, for iOS and Android

Type: Widget Select Widget using ListView 9%

A Ti.UI.ListView wrapper with mighty powers for forms.