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Type: Widget Pull to Refresh Widget nl.fokkezb.pullToRefresh 40%

Uniform wrapper for iOS RefreshControl and Android SwipeRefreshLayout.

Type: Widget Infinite Scroll for TableView and ListView nl.fokkezb.infiniteScroll 40%

Scroll down to the end of the TableView or ListView to load more.

Type: Widget Drawer Widget nl.fokkezb.drawer 40%

An Alloy widget wrapping the NappDrawer and DrawerLayout module for Facebook-like sliding side menus.

Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.loading nl.fokkezb.loading 40%

Displays a simple loading mask.

Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.button nl.fokkezb.button 40%

Replacement for Ti.UI.Button with better support for styling and icons

Type: Widget TableView Form nl.fokkezb.form 40%

Using a TableView as a form

Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.cachedImageView nl.fokkezb.cachedImageView 40%

Alloy version of the best practice to cache remote images locally.

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Widget nl.fokkezb.toast 40%

Another Alloy widget for cross-platform Android toast-like notifications.

Type: Widget ViewPager Alloy Widget nl.fokkezb.viewpager 40%

An Alloy widget wrapping the ViewPager module for Google Play like scrolling tabs.

Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.tweetsView nl.fokkezb.tweetsView 40%

Widget to implement a table pull-to-refresh header in Titanium Alloy