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Type: Module ColorPicker nl.fokkezb.colorpick 40%


Type: Module foo 40%


Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.browserView nl.fokkezb.browserView 40%

Alloy widget for a browserview

Type: Widget Alloy Color Picker Widget nl.fokkezb.color 40%

Color Picker that can have any size.

Type: Module MagicPie nl.fokkezb.magicpie 40%


Type: Widget HTML 2 Attributed String Widget nl.fokkezb.html2as.widget 40%

Widget wrapping the HTML 2 Attributed String module, providing cross-platform HTML attribute for labels.

Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.label nl.fokkezb.label 40%

Provides a replacement for <Label /> to support text shadows on Android & BlackBerry.

Type: Widget my.alloy.widget my.alloy.widget 40%

Workaround for theming widgets

Type: Module ti-proxy ti-proxy 40%

Titaniumified Parse JavaScript to proxy Titanium API calls

Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.dynamicScrolling nl.fokkezb.dynamicScrolling 40%

Easily add dynamic scrolling to your TableView.