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Type: Module av.imageview av.imageview 40%


Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.cachedImageView nl.fokkezb.cachedImageView 40%

Alloy version of the best practice to cache remote images locally.

Type: Module Live-BlurView com.apaladini.blur 40%

A True Real Time BlurView implementation for Titanium

Type: Widget TableView Form nl.fokkezb.form 40%

Using a TableView as a form

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.ui.listview com.appcelerator.ui.listview 40%

Widget library leveraged by the Appcelerator SE Team for demonstration purposes

Type: Module NappImageView dk.napp.imageview 40%


Type: Module ti.wkwebview ti.wkwebview 40%


Type: Widget Loading TableViewRow com.raulriera.loadingTableViewRow 40%

Simple loading tableview row to drop inside your tables

Type: Module nappscrollviewextended dk.napp.nappscrollviewextended 40%


Type: Widget com.raulriera.swipeTableView com.raulriera.swipeTableView 40%

Swipe TableView similar to the one used in Clear or Mailbox