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Type: Module TiMessagesTableViewController com.arihiro.messagestable 40%

This is a wrapper module for MessagesTableViewController

Type: Module tvharukazetiwebviewuseragentandroid 40%

customizing WebView's UserAgent module for Android

Type: Module tvharukazetiwebviewuseragentios tv.harukaze.ti.webview.useragent.ios 40%

customizing WebView's UserAgent module for iPhone

Type: Module ti.reviewdialog ti.reviewdialog 40%


Type: Module NappWaveformView dk.napp.waveformview 40%


Type: Widget Ti.MarkdownViewer com.alcoapps.viewmarkdown 40%

Alloy Widget to render MarkDown documents in your Appcelerator apps

Type: Module ExtWebView de.mwfire.extwebview 40%

Extends Ti.UI.WebView with several methods

Type: Module tiimagecollectionview jp.msmc.imagecollectionview 40%

Listing web images module

Type: Module webviewfragment de.marcelpociot.webviewfragment 40%

Simple helper class that is a workaround for Webviews Crashing / rendering blank on Android 4.4 in Titanium

Type: Module gifview com.miga.gifview 40%

GIF animations for Android