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Type: Widget Empty DataSet de.kbueschel.emptydataset 38%

An Alloy widget providing an empty data set view

Type: Widget nl.martindekeijzer.popinview nl.martindekeijzer.popinview 38%

Pop in a view from the bottom

Type: Widget com.days.view com.days.view 31%

Type: Widget com.fromTo.view com.fromTo.view 31%

Type: Widget com.setBoundery.view com.setBoundery.view 31%

Type: Widget ti.ux.spacer ti.ux.spacer 30%

a fixed height view

Type: Widget ti.ux.popup ti.ux.popup 30%

A customizable pop up view with translucent background

Type: Widget com.parallaxcontainer.blitz com.parallaxcontainer.blitz 30%

Offers parallax to whatever is in view

Type: Module prettycharts com.gnddesign.prettycharts 30%

View module for drawing charts UI.

Type: Module titanium-slack-text-view ti.slacktextview 30%