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Type: Widget com.orthlieb.scrollablewebview com.orthlieb.scrollablewebview 29%

Alloy Scrollable Web View widget

Type: Module mytableview com.example.MyTableView 29%

Custom Table View module for Android

Type: Module parser org.earpjs.dom 29%

View engine for Titanium based on Handlebars

Type: Widget com.boxoutthinkers.animatedgif com.boxoutthinkers.animatedgif 29%

Animated GIF view widget for Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Module prettycharts com.gnddesign.prettycharts 29%

View module for drawing charts UI.

Type: Widget SectionView SectionView 29%

Section view to create sections to separate bands

Type: Module rudash edu.rutgers.dash 29%

titanium launcher view module

Type: Widget TiAndroidShadow com.karaoak.shadow 29%

Cross platform Titanium view shadow Alloy widget

Type: Widget 29%

A questiogram demo for kids

Type: Module mymodule com.appc.mymodule 29%

Titanium module to track view objects