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Type: Module TableViewRowExtension net.cappelleri.tableviewrowextension 26%

Add some method to table view cell that are useful for parallax effect (check if row is visible and distance from top of the table)

Type: Module paint ti.paint 26%

Provides a paint surface user interface view.

Type: Module TiTokenField com.dezinezync.tokenfield 25%

TiTokenField is based on JSTokenField which enables you to create a NSTokenField like View viz.,

Type: Widget com.baboonmedia.remoteimage com.baboonmedia.remoteimage 25%

Provides a view that supports remote image loading with full image caching.

Type: Module CEStripeIOS co.coolelephant.stripe 25%

A view that allows you to grab the single use token for Stripe payments. This token then needs to be passed to your server side. Wraps the Stripe iOS SDK.

Type: Module nano-bindon nano-bindon 25%

Titaniumified A plugin for nano to change the view binding event

Type: Module pageflip ti.pageflip 24%

Display pages of data to your users. Comes stock with easy to turn pages, multiple transition effects (fade, flip, and slide), a quick PDF mode, and a view-based mode.

Type: Widget com.socialflea.refresh com.socialflea.refresh 21%

Pull to refresh

Type: Widget de.blitz.infiniteImageScrollableview de.blitz.infiniteImageScrollableview 21%

Lazy loading infinite scrollable view

Type: Module MediaControls de.codewave.ti.mediacontrols 20%

Simple module for creating an invisible view which receives remote control events. This is useful for background audio playback. Please note that this module does not enable your application to play audio in the background. It just enables your application to receive the remote control events. Also allows you to set the "now playing" information on the lock screen.