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Type: Widget wriststrap.webview wriststrap.webview 100%

A simple modal window that contains a webview and a semi-transparent close button.

Type: Widget wriststrap.autocomplete wriststrap.autocomplete 99%

A textbox with an associated table to show autocomplete suggestions.

Type: Widget wriststrap.picker wriststrap.picker 97%

A simple picker widget which allow for animating a picker from the button of the screen

Type: Widget wriststrap.dialog wriststrap.dialog 95%

A simple dialog widget which allow for animating a dropdown dialog

Type: Widget jhrockz.datepicker jhrockz.datepicker 37%

A datepicker for iOS and Android. For iOS, the datepicker appears as a up and down sliding picker. For Android, it is a pop-up dialog picker. Based on wriststrap.picker.