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gitTio is a project created by Axway Appcelerator taken over from Fokke Zandbergen (thank you!) that indexes and searches all Appcelerator Titanium modules and Alloy widgets on GitHub.

Here are some answers to questions we get. Just contact us if you have a less frequent question.

gitTio should automatically pick up new Titanium modules and Alloy widgets within 24 hours after you've pushed it to a public GitHub repository. Please read the Contributors Guide for more information. If you have double-checked your component does not appear in the results, please contact us.
Just bump the version in your component's manifest or widget.json file and gitTio will pick it up within 24 hours. The date of the commit is used as the version date. For modules, only versions that also have corresponding zip file in the repo can be installed via CLI.
gitTio uses the name and description properties in the manifest and widget.json files. If it can't find one, it will try to use the repository's description and fallback on the first 500 characters of the README or first .md file it finds.
Some components are found in multiple repositories, e.g. when they are forked or included in public app repositories. gitTio automatically tries to pick the best one based on the version, length of the path, forks and popularity. Please contact us if I need to manually lock a component to a different repository.
gitTio does a natural language search through the components' title, description, tags (widgets only), repository README and all .md files under the component root or - for modules - documents subfolder. Title, description and tags weigh double. The gray score on the right shows the calculated relevance score.
gitTio takes the maximum sum of all matching repositories' number of stargazers, watchers, forks and issues. All other repositories in the results are then indexed accordingly.
gitTio is open for transparent bribery. You can buy ad-space to the right of the natural results. For rates and orders, please contact us.
If you remove your component from GitHub or make the repository private gitTio should automatically disable it or fallback on a different repository. If it doesn't dissapear after a day or so, contact us and specify if you want us to block al your repositories, a single one or just a specific component.

Legal Stuff

The gitTio search engine, registry and CLI are owned by Fokke Zandbergen. All rights reserved.

Appcelerator, Titanium and Alloy are trademarks owned by Appcelerator, Inc.. gitTio is not officially part of, owned by nor officially affiliated with Appcelerator.

The components in the gitTio registry are not part of gitTio itself, and are the sole property of their respective creators. There is absolutely no guarantee, warrantee, or assertion made as to the quality, fitness for a specific purpose, or lack of malice in any given component. Components exposed via gitTio are not affiliated with or endorsed by Fokke Zandbergen or Appcelerator.