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Type: Widget samueleastdev.simple.image.loader samueleastdev.simple.image.loader 40%

This widget is a simple ui activity loader that i use in my app Shake locate happy to share

Type: Module bluetoothmanager de.appwerft.bluetoothmanager 40%

Android 64-bit support bluetoothmanager

Type: Module AlarmManager zco.alarmmanager 40%


Type: Widget fr.squirrel.zoomimage fr.squirrel.zoomimage 40%

Template Application Axway Appcelerator Titanium Mobile SDK with burger menu

Type: Module ti.vonage ti.vonage 40%

Android 64-bit support Vonage (formerly OpenTok) Titanium module

Type: Widget Loading Image com.appcelerator.loading 40%

Cross-platform loading image

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.viewmanager com.appcelerator.viewmanager 40%

Type: Widget com.selected.image com.selected.image 40%

Type: Module imagerotatecorrection com.jreyes.imagerotatecorrection 40%


Type: Widget PagedWidget PagedWidget 40%