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Type: Widget dhennrich.alert dhennrich.alert 100%

Displays a simple alert mask.

Type: Widget dhennrich.alertPlus dhennrich.alertPlus 88%

Displays a simple alert mask.

Type: Module com.sensimity.ti.capabilityalert com.sensimity.ti.capabilityalert 86%

Titaniumified Library to structure alerts, for example to show an alert when an application needs to be updated

Type: Widget com.alert.view com.alert.view 78%

Type: Widget yy.alert yy.alert 76%

JAST is a boilerplate with a mash of tools for rapid Alloy development

Type: Widget 61%

This is the button with a confirmation.

Type: Widget ti.androidfingerprintalertdialog ti.androidfingerprintalertdialog 59%

Displays a Ti.UI.AlertDialog formatted to follow Material Guidelines for a Fingerprint Request

Type: Module tittalert com.qnyp.tittalert 40%

Titanium Mobile iOS Module for TTAlertView

Type: Module advalertview com.emityme.advalertview 40%

Titanium Projects, Modules, and Samples for Zeus Framework

Type: Module customalert tk.dmap.ti.customalert 40%

provide 'iOSViews' property on AlertDialog