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Type: Widget com.iamdifferent.infoAlert com.iamdifferent.infoAlert 40%

Developed as a part of Qantas Code-Share Hackathon 2016

Type: Widget alertWidgetHotspot alertWidgetHotspot 40%

Type: Widget alertWidgetQuiz alertWidgetQuiz 40%

Type: Widget pl.tidev.androidalertdialog pl.tidev.androidalertdialog 40%

Titanium Alloy widget

Type: Widget 40%

A questiogram demo for kids

Type: Module alertDialog com.yallaya.alertDialog 40%


Type: Widget alertWidget alertWidget 40%

Type: Widget com.device.alerts com.device.alerts 40%

Type: Widget edu.uwm.dialogBox edu.uwm.dialogBox 36%

An alert box with customizable colors, text, and button events.

Type: Widget datePeriodPicker datePeriodPicker 32%

A simple date picker alert dialog