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Type: Module alloyxl alloyxl 100%

Titaniumified A Titanium Alloy JavaScript library that enhances Alloy.

Type: Widget ViewPager Alloy Widget nl.fokkezb.viewpager 89%

An Alloy widget wrapping the ViewPager module for Google Play like scrolling tabs.

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Widget nl.fokkezb.toast 88%

Another Alloy widget for cross-platform Android toast-like notifications.

Type: Widget my.alloy.widget my.alloy.widget 79%

Workaround for theming widgets

Type: Widget AlloyPhotoFrameWidget AlloyPhotoFrameWidget 79%

Photo frame widget for titanium alloy

Type: Module staballoy staballoy 78%

Reactive Library for binding data to UI elements in Titanium Alloy

Type: Widget AlloyCountDownWidget AlloyCountDownWidget 76%

Countdown Widget for Titanium Alloy

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Notification 71%

Simple toast notification poping from the bottom of the screen on demand.

Type: Widget Alloy Color Picker Widget nl.fokkezb.color 68%

Color Picker that can have any size.

Type: Widget pullToRefreshAnimation pullToRefreshAnimation 59%

Titanium Alloy widget pull-to-refresh based on sample Alloy application