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Type: Module timoodstocks-android 99%

Titanium native module wrapper of Moodstocks image scanner SDK on Android

Type: Module 99%

Simple Drop in and Use QR code reader for Android.

Type: Module android_device_id 99%

Native Android module that stores and gets Android UUID and Android_ID.

Type: Module android com.exygy.socialshare 99%

Easily add social sharing to your iOS and Android Titanium apps.

Type: Module ti-testflight-android com.doublerebel.titestflight 92%

TestFlight Android SDK implementation for Titanium Mobile

Type: Module parse-android com.boxoutthinkers.parseandroid 92%

Titanium module wrapping the Parse Android SDK.

Type: Module deezer-android-module 84%


Type: Module pusher-titanium-android 84%

Pusher Titanium Android module

Type: Module ti-android-requeststoragepermission com.boxoutthinkers.reqstorageperm 81%

Android 64-bit support ti-android-requeststoragepermission

Type: Module audioplayer-android com.kosso.audioplayerandroid 81%

Android 64-bit support audioplayer-android