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Type: Module tracetool com.visusway.mod.tracetool 34%

TraceTool for Titanium Mobile SDK 3.0 Android

Type: Module admob ti.admob 34%

Titanium Admob module for Android

Type: Module imei ro.mihaiblaga.imei 34%

Android module for getting the device's IMEI

Type: Module demo titutorial.demo 34%

This is the demo Android module for Titanium

Type: Widget 34%

Titanium widget (Android & iOS)

Type: Module sample 34%

titanium module sample for android

Type: Widget no.leitom.loading no.leitom.loading 34%

An loading overlay for any kind of window setup (primary for android)

Type: Widget me.perkd.label me.perkd.label 34%

Provides a replacement for <Label /> to support text shadows on Android & BlackBerry.

Type: Widget com.jolicode.pullToRefresh com.jolicode.pullToRefresh 33%

Allows you to refresh the page with a pull down when using a ListView or a TableView. Available for iOS and Android, without any dependencie.

Type: Module geoloqi ti.geoloqi 33%

Geoloqi Android Module