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Type: Module checkappforandroid 79%

iPhone/Android app for Tokushima Vortis

Type: Module android_display_info 79%

iPhone/Android app for Tokushima Vortis

Type: Module androidscroll dk.napp.androidscroll 78%

This implementation enables Android to scroll a view in vertically and horizontally, (2D).

Type: Module android_zero_table_view_separator com.exygy.androidzerotableviewseparator 78%

Titanium plugin for Android, remove table view row separator

Type: Module androiddeviceyear com.ti.androiddeviceyear 78%

Module to expose way of determining when Android device was considered high end

Type: Module androidpdf com.ishan.androidpdf 78%

Module to view pdf inside app in android without using intents to open external application

Type: Module androiduitools org.camcops.androiduitools 77%

Android user interface tools, e.g. ability to call setSystemUiVisibility(View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LOW_PROFILE).

Type: Module androidtabgroup com.obscure.androidtabgroup 77%

test app showing problems with programmatic creation of Android lightweight windows in Titanium

Type: Module androidtouchsound com.gstreetmedia.androidtouchsound 77%

A simple way to turn off (or on) that annoying touch sound that is on EVERY SINGLE VIEW in a Titanium Mobile Android Project.

Type: Module plot-titanium-module-android-ibeacons com.plotprojects.ti.androidibeacons 73%

Enable the power of Location Based Notifications provided by the Plot plugin in your Titanium apps.