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Type: Widget com.mcongrove.navigationBar com.mcongrove.navigationBar 40%

A navigation bar with a back button and support for other custom buttons.

Type: Module nappsearchbar dk.napp.searchbar 40%

Extending the SearchBar UI component.

Type: Module tismoothprogressbar com.artanisdesign.tismoothprogressbar 40%

TiSmoothProgressBar module, wrapper for SmoothProgressBar, custom android progressbar

Type: Widget com.tripvi.actionBar com.tripvi.actionBar 40%

pure abstract actionBar

Type: Widget com.tripvi.toolbar com.tripvi.toolbar 40%

A custom tab group.

Type: Widget navigationBar navigationBar 40%

ExCL is a platform that enables museums to engage visitors at museum activities through the use of a mobile application.

Type: Module ProgressBarIOS 40%

Progress Bar Module iOS

Type: Module SDTBarcode al.sdtbarcode 40%


Type: Module alternativeprogressbar it.smc.alternativeprogressbar 40%

Alternative ProgressBar with indeterminate state and secondary value

Type: Widget sh.slideMenuAndNavbar sh.slideMenuAndNavbar 40%

Sliding Menu and Navigation Batr