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Type: Widget toolbar toolbar 40%

Toolbar widget for the Marley Lilly Project

Type: Module ratingbar titutorial.ratingbar 40%

A RatingBar is an extension that shows a rating in stars

Type: Widget rebel.SearchBar rebel.SearchBar 40%

Alloy Widget wrapping the SearchBar

Type: Widget me.perkd.navbar me.perkd.navbar 40%

Type: Module 2DBarcode 40%


Type: Module mimipapabaralipay 40%


Type: Module BarcodeReader com.innovature.barcodereader 40%


Type: Module titanium-barcode titanium-barcode 40%

Android 64-bit support Lets you process 1D/2D barcodes.

Type: Widget actionbar actionbar 40%

titanium development for question pool app

Type: Module actionbarsearch com.evarino.actionbarsearch 40%