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Type: Widget wriststrap.dialog wriststrap.dialog 100%

A simple dialog widget which allow for animating a dropdown dialog

Type: Module ti-better-option-dialog com.magana.betteroptiondialog 86%

Titaniumified The Titanium option dialog but with easier option creation.

Type: Widget edu.uwm.dialog edu.uwm.dialog 85%

A customizable dialog box Alloy Widget.

Type: Widget Dialog with custom content and buttons com.mazel.customDialog 84%

Opens a modal dialog and displays custom content. For Android an AlertDialog is used while for iOS a modal window is opened.

Type: Widget Shake to get a feedback dialog. wz.Feedback 82%

Shake to get a feedback dialog that lets you draw and comment on a screenshot, then mail it

Type: Module titanium-web-dialog ti.webdialog 76%


Type: Widget com.imobicloud.dialog com.imobicloud.dialog 76%

Type: Module titanium-web-dialog @titanium/webdialog 76%


Type: Widget com.optiondialog.widget com.optiondialog.widget 75%

Slidein option dialog

Type: Module smsdialog com.omorandi 67%

The SMSDialog Module extends the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework implementing an iPhone dialog window that enables you to send in application text messages on behalf of the app user, exposing an API very similar to the one of the Ti.UI.EmailDialog object. Both recipients and body fields can be pre-populated from your application.