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Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.dynamicScrolling nl.fokkezb.dynamicScrolling 99%

Easily add dynamic scrolling to your TableView.

Type: Widget com.jasonkneen.dynamicTSS com.jasonkneen.dynamicTSS 93%

Dynamic TSS support on landscape / portrait switching

Type: Widget TiDynamicGrid com.prodz.tidynamicgrid 91%

Widget to create a dynamic grid layout like Pinterest.

Type: Module dynamic-links2 com.pmitkowski.firebase.dynamiclinks 88%

Android 64-bit support dynamic-links2

Type: Module DZDynamicType com.dezinezync.dynamictype 86%

Dynamic Type for iOS apps running on iOS 7

Type: Module TiDynamicTypeUtils it.smc.dynamictypeutils 81%

TiDynamicTypeUtils gives you access to dynamic system font sizes (iOS 7)

Type: Widget NavBar de.kbueschel.navbar 52%

An Alloy widget providing an dynamic adjustable navigation bar layer.

Type: Module gtm co.kommit.gtm 46%

Connects to Google Tag Manager for dynamic tag management. v0.0.1

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.xslide com.appcelerator.xslide 44%

Dynamic cross platform slider menu with additional info pull down

Type: Widget be.k0suke.glyphicon be.k0suke.glyphicon 43%

Dynamic Navigation Window (Alloy is a model-view-controller framework) for iOS/Android apps.