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Type: Module Facebook rebel.facebook 100%

Appcelerator module wrapping the latest Facebook SDK

Type: Module titanium-facebook titanium-facebook 92%

Android 64-bit support facebook

Type: Module titanium-facebook facebook 91%

Use the native Facebook iOS SDK in Axway Titanium.

Type: Module ti-facebook com.ti.facebook 82%


Type: Widget jp.singit.login.facebook jp.singit.login.facebook 78%

The Combobox widget provides a field that allows the user to pick from a list of items.

Type: Widget com.madrocket.ti.slidemenu com.madrocket.ti.slidemenu 47%

Facebook style menu drawer

Type: Widget Drawer Widget nl.fokkezb.drawer 44%

An Alloy widget wrapping the NappDrawer and DrawerLayout module for Facebook-like sliding side menus.

Type: Widget ip.slideMenu ip.slideMenu 41%

Facebook app-like sliding menu

Type: Widget ds.slideMenu ds.slideMenu 41%

Facebook app-like sliding menu

Type: Widget pp.sliderMenu pp.sliderMenu 41%

Facebook app-like sliding menu