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Type: Widget com.javiersr.jsr-gallery com.javiersr.jsr-gallery 100%

A widget for showing an external scrollable images gallery

Type: Widget Ti.ImageGallery it.apra.tiimagegallery 90%

Image gallery widget for Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Module imagegallery com.codeboxed.imagegallery 80%

Titanium Image Gallery

Type: Widget 80%

titanium UI elements

Type: Widget com.javiersr.jsrgallery com.javiersr.jsrgallery 79%

A widget for showing an external scrollable images gallery

Type: Module titouchgallery com.gbaldera.titouchgallery 77%

Android 64-bit support Titanium Mobile native Android module for touch gallery, using viewpager. Allows pinch zoom and pan for images

Type: Module gallerypicker titutorial.gallerypicker 40%

Titanium custom multiple image picker module for Android

Type: Module TiGMImagePicker ti.gmimagepicker 39%

Multiple selection gallery for Titanium using GMImagePicker

Type: Module imagepicker in.prashant.imagepicker 35%

Android 64-bit support Titanium Multi-Imagepicker module lets you select multiple images from its inbuilt gallery with lots of customization options

Type: Module imagecrop in.prashant.imagecrop 35%

Android 64-bit support Android-Titanium image cropping module for cropping camera/gallery/G-Drive etc. images