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Type: Module html-cleaner org.kisio.htmlcleaner 100%

Titaniumified Transform html to be more semantic. Useful when rendering WYSIWYG content.

Type: Widget HTML 2 Attributed String Widget nl.fokkezb.html2as.widget 100%

Widget wrapping the HTML 2 Attributed String module, providing cross-platform HTML attribute for labels.

Type: Module html-to-text html-to-text 90%

Titaniumified Advanced html to plain text converter

Type: Module htmlparser htmlparser 85%

Titaniumified Forgiving HTML/XML/RSS Parser in JS for *both* Node and Browsers

Type: Module ti-html2as nl.fokkezb.html2as 80%

Titaniumified HTML to Attributed String parser for Titanium

Type: Module html2pdf com.factisresearch.html2pdf 78%

Convert html to pdf

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.html com.imobicloud.html 78%

Type: Module ti-html2native com.stepupapps.html2native 77%

Titaniumified Convert HTML to Titanium objects

Type: Module atypical_htmlToPDF com.atypical.htmlToPDF 76%

Convert HTML (and any content - text, images, etc - into a .pdf

Type: Module ti-html2label com.stepupapps.html2label 74%

Titaniumified Convert HTML to Titanium objects