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Type: Module ti.xhr ti.xhr 60%

Super awesome HTTP Client for Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Module NCMBiOS 59%

Titanium用ニフティクラウド mobile backendモジュールを開発しています。

Type: Module MekansalGMap com.mekansal.gmapios 54%

Licky iPhone App (titanium mobile)

Type: Widget appMetaFromACS appMetaFromACS 54%

Licky iPhone App (titanium mobile)

Type: Module bogoyoUIModule bogoyo.ui 54%

Licky iPhone App (titanium mobile)

Type: Widget Social Share com.alcoapps.socialshare 53%

A Widget for easy, cross-platform sharing of text and images from your Appcelerator apps. Created for the book Titanium Alloy in Action -

Type: Widget sp.signature sp.signature 52%

Capture signatures easy peasy lemon squeezy. Converts to SVG format.

Type: Widget com.alcoapps.musicplayer com.alcoapps.musicplayer 52%

This repository contains all the source code for the book Build Native Cross-Platform Apps with Appcelerator. For more information about the book, visit

Type: Module fragments com.yallaya.fragments 49%

This Module add Android Fragments support to Appcelerator Titanium apps (

Type: Module admob com.studioclassics.admob 46%

IMPORTANT!! -- The code for this module is deprecated after having been donated to Appcelerator. It can now be found here: