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Type: Widget ti.ux.iconlabel ti.ux.iconlabel 100%

a label with an icon

Type: Widget 100%

Type: Widget ti.ux.iconbutton ti.ux.iconbutton 99%

a button with a font icon

Type: Widget ti.ux.iconvalue ti.ux.iconvalue 99%

An icon showing an info value

Type: Widget ti.ux.iconfont ti.ux.iconfont 97%

creates an icon label using Font Awesome icons

Type: Widget com.lihau.tiwidget.iconbutton com.lihau.tiwidget.iconbutton 97%

Titanium Widget: Icon Button

Type: Widget abada.materialicons abada.materialicons 86%

An Alloy widget creates an icon label using Google material icons .

Type: Widget iOS Animated Hamburger Icon Button de.kbueschel.hamburgerbutton 82%

An Alloy widget displaying an animated hamburger button for off-canvas/sliding side menus.

Type: Widget net.hoyohoyo.iconiclabel net.hoyohoyo.iconiclabel 77%

Alloy widget using TiIconicFont (developed by @k0sukey).

Type: Widget com.rolandschwan.iconlabel com.rolandschwan.iconlabel 73%

Basic FontAwesome support for labels.