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Type: Module AndroidMediaQuery com.oxgcp.androidmediaquery 46%

query images in the media library with tag parsing

Type: Widget com.centogram.bgimage com.centogram.bgimage 46%

Full Screen Background Images

Type: Module tihqx net.iamyellow.tihqx 46%

Upscale images for retina display using hq2x algorithm

Type: Module To.ImageCache To.ImageCache 46%

A simple Commonjs module to cache images a little less temporarily

Type: Module pdfsaver ti.pdfsaver 46%

iOS Titanium module for saving pdf files with images overlapping.

Type: Module atypical_htmlToPDF com.atypical.htmlToPDF 46%

Convert HTML (and any content - text, images, etc - into a .pdf

Type: Widget com.javiersr.jsrgallery com.javiersr.jsrgallery 45%

A widget for showing an external scrollable images gallery

Type: Module MediaQuery com.tripvi.mediaquery 45%

query images and videos in the media library with exif tag parsing

Type: Module titouchgallery com.gbaldera.titouchgallery 43%

Android 64-bit support Titanium Mobile native Android module for touch gallery, using viewpager. Allows pinch zoom and pan for images

Type: Module Ti.JSPDF de.appwerft.jspdf 42%

Titaniumified This extended version of JSPDF can embed images, tables and qrcodes.