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Type: Module TiParallaxHeader com.citytelecom.tiparallaxheader 39%

Parallax HeaderView for the Titanium ListView

Type: Module TiISRefreshControl be.k0suke.tiisrefreshcontrol 38%

Wrapping ISRefreshControl for Ti.UI.TableView and Ti.UI.ListView on Titanium Mobile.

Type: Widget mx.opencard.transactions.transactionlist mx.opencard.transactions.transactionlist 38%

Una ListView para mostrar las transacciones

Type: Widget ti.ux.stickyview ti.ux.stickyview 35%

View to be used with a TableView or a ListView. It is shown when the user scrolls up and hidden when scrolls down.

Type: Widget Logger Display Widget com.sivci.logger 32%

This displays a listView of logs from app/lib/util/logger.js