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Type: Widget Ti.Loader com.caffeinalab.titanium.loader 100%

Alloy+Titanium widget to display a loader mask for you applications.

Type: Widget samueleastdev.simple.image.loader samueleastdev.simple.image.loader 95%

This widget is a simple ui activity loader that i use in my app Shake locate happy to share

Type: Widget Loader Loader 77%

Type: Widget preloader preloader 58%

Progress Indicator with highly configurable options.

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.uploader com.imobicloud.uploader 40%

titanium UI elements

Type: Module s3uploader 40%

Amazon S3 File Upload Utility

Type: Module downloader com.mykingdom.downloader 40%

Download files using android async task with a notification on staus bar

Type: Module downloader com.kcwdev.downloader 40%

Multi-file resumable downloader

Type: Widget DownloaderPresentation DownloaderPresentation 40%

ShowApp APP

Type: Module contacts_loader 40%