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Type: Widget Drawer Menu com.appcelerator.sidemenu 76%

my cool widget

Type: Widget ds.slideMenu ds.slideMenu 76%

Facebook app-like sliding menu

Type: Widget pp.sliderMenu pp.sliderMenu 76%

Facebook app-like sliding menu

Type: Widget menu menu 75%

The open source code of Dragon Shout App

Type: Widget kbueschel PathMenu de.kbueschel.pathmenu 75%

Alloy Widget for Path like menu

Type: Widget SlidingMenu SlidingMenu 75%

Have the login working and connected with the feed and the collapsible menu.

Type: Widget com.reymundolopez.tislidermenu com.reymundolopez.tislidermenu 75%

A simple example of a Slider Menu and Navigation using Titanium and Alloy

Type: Widget SlideMenu SlideMenu 75%

Basic skeleton for Titanium Slide Menu based App

Type: Widget rebel.MenuBarButton rebel.MenuBarButton 75%

Appcelerator Alloy Widget for menu bar button

Type: Module TiSideMenu de.marcelpociot.sidemenu 74%

iOS 7 / 8 style side menu with parallax effect. (Wrapper module for RESideMenu)