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Type: Widget Confirmation Message confirmationMessage 100%

Show your users an opaque confirmation message after they perform an action.

Type: Widget ts.messageBuilderFactory ts.messageBuilderFactory 89%

Generate delegates that build message views for widget

Type: Widget MessageCenter MessageCenter 40%

Type: Module TiMessagesTableViewController com.arihiro.messagestable 40%

This is a wrapper module for MessagesTableViewController

Type: Widget messageBar messageBar 40%

The open source code of Dragon Shout App

Type: Module Messages 40%


Type: Widget 40%

#SpaceApps 2013 hack challenge

Type: Module TiMessage com.limechalk.timessage 40%

Titanium module that let's you send SMS with or without attachment

Type: Widget com.mazel.messageArea com.mazel.messageArea 40%

Type: Widget dev.first.forms.splashmessage dev.first.forms.splashmessage 40%

Usable Appcelerator Titanium widgets and utils